Wearing your heart on your sleeve

The minute you have a child you automatically agree to love something, someone, more than yourself. You put all their needs ahead of yours, you will do anything to see them smile, it kills you when you have to punish them and you will forever, for the rest of your life, wear your ENTIRE heart on your sleeve. Having children is exilerating, tiring, loving, hard and the most terrifying thing EVER! If they fall, if they get hurt, if they get their heart broken, if they get let down by loved ones, and God forbid if they have any medical issues, you FEEL it all. All their pain, their frustration, their scaredness, their sadness, and most of all the worry!
My son is currently having some medical issues. He has had a battle since in the womb. The last 2 months of my pregnancy were filled with two tests done weekly to monitor him up until birth. At birth he wasn’t breathing at all and I hemorrhaged. We both almost didn’t make it but God pulled us through. Now for the last 8 weeks of his life here on earth it has been constant battles that have resulted in formula changes, bottle changes, medication changes, multiple doctor office visits and several test and he is only 8 weeks old. He has had to fight since the beginning and is continuing to do so. Friend this is HARD! It is tiring and emotional and exhausting and terrifying and I’m wearing it all on my sleeve where my heart for this baby boy lies. But you know what? I have God! I have his promise to take care of us all. And most of all I have his love not just for me but for my son as well! You see even though I love my son with ALL OF MY HEART God loves him a million times more than I could even imagine and that’s where I find my peace through all this! I’m choosing God, I’m choosing to trust in him and his plan for our family, even when that seems impossible, and I know he has great things in store for my son!
Friend if you are struggling with something, if you are in a constant battle I encourage you to please hand it all over to God! Lay it at his feet and let him worry about what tomorrow brings! He never intended for us to do all this on our own! He wants to help us through and he longs for us to come to him. Because as much as we love our children and our heart is worn on our sleeves, God’s love for us surpasses all and he aches for us when we ache and he takes so much pride and joy in the times of happiness! Because God loves us NO MATTER WHAT! And he wants to help me and he wants to help YOU!





4 thoughts on “Wearing your heart on your sleeve

  1. We are going through a similar heartbreak. Thanks for sharing, your words have encouraged me. My son is 29 years old and it is still true, when he hurts, we hurt! We will be praying for you and your family.


  2. Thank you for sharing your encouraging words. Its so easy to get discouraged in the midst of hard times, especially if it involves our children. However, we have to remember that God’s grace and love will sustain us. Praying that you and your son will continue to be well. I found your blog through Mami of Multiples and the giveaway.


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