Insecurities stealing your joy?

I was recently with my mother in law listening to a group of women give diffierent speeches about what they have learned in the 9 week course they took. One lady’s speech smacked me in the face! She stated that we ALL have insecurities. We are all battling self esteem issues, we are all beating ourselves up over worrying about others judging us or worrying if others like us! But the funny thing is is that NO ONE but us even realizes we are having these battles in our head! How true are those words friend!?!?!?

We let our insecurities steal our joy! We make up excuses for why a friend can’t just drop by because we are worried our house is a mess. We don’t allow ourselves to fully enjoy a day at the pool with our kids because we are so uncomfortable and insecure in our bathing suits. We decide to stay home instead of taking the kids on that fun outing because chances are one of those amazingly cute children of ours will throw a full on tantrum and we are so consumed with worry about what our peers will think! That they will judge us for not having control, being overwhelmed and looking like a lost cat in the middle of a thunderstorm! (But seriously though some days I totally look like that). Here’s a bit of honesty for you…… This is our Easter family picture. To an outsider they may think “wow she has it all together, look at what a nice picture that is!


I mean it DID turn out cute, BUT in reality there was a lot of “come on guys” and “just give me one good picture” and THIS is a more accurate picture…..


Hahaha still think I have it all together?!?

Friend if we stop and think about it, if we get out of our own heads for once and look around we would see that NO ONE sees or cares about OUR insecurities because they are battling their OWN insecurities! They are worrying that YOU are judging THEM! Why do we do this to ourselves?!? We are so consumed by our own “failures” that we don’t even realize the mom right next to us is dealing with the same “failures”. What if for once we handed those insecurities over to God?!? What if we decided to not let those insecurities steal our joy?
So today chose to let that friend swing by, and I promise they won’t care about the food stains on your carpet, or that weird smell coming from the kitchen,Β or that “pop of color” piled up on your couch (aka all that darn laundry), take your kids to the pool!!!! Make those wonderful memories with them that you will never get back if you miss! Put on that bathing suit and be proud of your warrior marks! Friend you grew an entire HUMAN in that body of yours! Be proud of that! That is no small thing and no one expects you or your body to bounce right back after accomplishing such a task! Love yourself so you can then love others! Let’s get out of our heads and our insecurities and chose the joy of life, of our friends, of our children, of all these blessings God has given us and STOP “judging one another” and instead start being there for one another!


Choose the JOY

So it’s daylight savings time AGAIN! The kids are going crazy because it’s dark when they wake up and it’s still light out when it’s time to go to bed. You are already exhausted with all you do on a daily basis and now, now you have to lose an ENTIRE HOUR OF SLEEP?!?!? I mean really are they trying to make us moms snap right now?? That was like the only hour I had available to shave my legs!!! (Sorry hubby there goes that now 😜)
I get your struggle friend, I understand how upside down this time change makes our days for like the next two weeks. There will be tons of whinning,crying and full on tantrums thrown. Oh yeah and the kids will have a hard time adjusting too! πŸ˜‰
But what if just this once we chose JOY through the chaos? What if we chose to be thankful for another day that God has given us to be alive? To see those sweet smiling faces (that will eventually turn into demon faces when it’s nap time) in the morning, to have the ability to sweep up the Cheerios under the table for the millionth time, to fight to get everyone in the car and to school on time and to witness one sibling genuinely helping the other sibling with something? What if we chose to realize how many blessings we have? Every single day is a gift and a blessing from God!

But believe me friend I know there are just some days we throw our hands in the air and admit defeat and feel like we are failing horribly at this mom thing. The days where we can’t catch a break let alone get a shower! Where we constantly feel like we are always one (or ten) steps behind in our life!

But YOU are doing a wonderful job! You are raising the next generation of workers, preachers, lovers, friends! So yes this time change thing STINKS!!!!! But choose the joy! Choose to tackle the next few weeks until it becomes the new reality (although right when we do that darn time will change again) thank God for all he has blessed you with and give that mom struggling next to you who is secretly telling herself she isn’t cut out for this, she is failing miserably and her kids deserve a better mom, a big welcoming smile because we are ALL in that same place friend and we could all use a little encouragement from one another every now and then!