Grateful to be wrecked

I recently watched a parody on FB a local church did of the song “wrecking ball”.  The beginning of the song was funny and oh so true about the things we have to say as moms, picking up after our children a million times and how having children straight up ruined our bodies! So. Much.  Truth.

As I was sitting there listening to the song, laughing uncontrollably, the song took an unexpected turn! It started talking about those adorable, tiny little humans being teenagers!!! That time when they don’t like you at all, when nothing you do is cool and then they grow up and LEAVE and wreck us in a whole new way. I was a hysterical crying fool at that point! How easy is it friend to get caught up in the everyday hustle and stress of this season of life that we forget it’s going by so so quick! To forget that one day they won’t be so little and annoying as to ask the same question 10 times in a row! That one day very soon they will be too cool to even want to talk to us let alone NEED us!!!! There will be a day when we walk into the house and they don’t come running and screaming “MOMMY” like they haven’t seen you in days, let alone even acknowledge you!

Friend I am right there with you! I get so frustrated and aggravated and sometimes count down the days until this season of life passes! When I don’t have to fight everyone to JUST GET IN THE DARN CAR! Where I find myself daydreaming about the days no one needs me to wipe their butt or make their lunch or fix the end of the world problem that is the wrong colored cup! But we have to try to stop and remember these days won’t last forever! These days will fly by us before we even realize it and we will find ourselves staring at our stranger of a teenager daydreaming about the days they needed us! The days when mommy’s kiss made any boo boo better. The days where they would jump up on your lap and push the buttons on your laptop and just giggle their little heads off! I know it’s not always easy to remember these things in the middle of those bad days when you just want to hide in that darn closet and eat chocolate all by yourself. But let’s try, try to be grateful for the spilled juice all over the floor, grateful for those little arms wrapping around your thighs ever so tight (and sometimes making you trip) and grateful for the moments we have with them because they won’t be little forever and they will always be the best thing to ever “wreck” us!