Happy not Perfect!

So my family and I are at the beach for the week! The beach is my happy place! The kids have a blast and the extra vitamin D I get to soak up does this overly stressed momma some good! My husband who works outside all week in the heat even enjoys it because he gets to sit in silence in the air conditioned room while the baby sleeps! It’s pretty much a win win for us all!
Here’s the problem though, or I should say MY problem, with being at the beach. My body!!!!!! Yep I’ve said it. Most of the time I am sitting here extremely self conscious of how I look in this darn bathing suit. I’ve had four kids and I’m turning 30 this year and it’s all taking a major toll on my body. I workout several times a week, try to eat clean for the most part and really do what I SHOULD be doing in order to get back in shape. However, there’s something about having multiple kids and getting older, well and genetics (thanks mom), that just aren’t working in my favor anymore making getting back in shape hard!
Friend, I know I’m not alone in this struggle. I know we are ALL struggling with some type of body image issues whether we are 100 lbs or 200lbs and that is stealing our joy! That is stealing our memories with our children, that is preoccupying our minds with negative thoughts that just aren’t necessary. I realize I look nothing like I use to in my swimsuit pre kids! Yes there is fat and bulges where I would prefer for them not to be, but should that all REALLY matter?!? My husband loves me and is still very much attracted to me. My kids could care less if I was as big as a house, they just want mommy to play with them and be ready for their “hey watch this” craziness. So today I am choosing to not care! I am choosing to not worry about how my stomach looks in this bathing suit, I am choosing to not “suck it in” the whole vacation and I am choosing to embrace life, realize that I am making necessary changes to get healthy and that that process takes some time! I will chose to be and feel blessed for where I am and not let my body image steal anymore of my joy. Friend I pray the same for you as well! I pray together we can find the peace we are all so desperately searching for and cut each other some slack!


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