I failed yesterday, today and probably tomorrow too!

So I’m apart of the group MOPS! If you are not apart of your local MOPS or have never even heard of it FIND ONE! Or message me and I’ll give you details! MOPS is amazing and is where I started to find my tribe! You know those people who are crazy and a mess and loving and kind hearted just like me! (Well I strive to be anyways).

So this morning was our MOPS meeting and of course wouldn’t you know it the morning started out so bad! Like bad bad. I woke up late, I woke up to having started my lovely period, the kids didn’t want to wake up, one of the kids was sick, I forgot about our crafting project for MOPS so I was running around trying to get that ready, we were so late my kids had to eat cheese filled chez it crackers and chocolate milk for breakfast in the car on the way to school! (I know, worst mom ever right here) and to make it even worse I left my house looking like this………


To which I completely forgot all about until I walked in the door after MOPS was over, with a very tired, teething and cranky little boy, who thank the good Lord, fell asleep in the car on the way home. I’m trying to eat healthier and get in shape these days so I hadn’t indulged in the meal at MOPS and I was starving because I forgot to grab me a pack of cheese filled crackers on the way out the door.
So again my day falls apart…… I quickly scarf down a piece of cold PIZZA (I know so healthy) while frantically running around this mess of a house picking up and putting things away all while running outside every few mins to check on the sleeping baby (don’t worry we live in the country with no neighbors anywhere around and I parked right outside the back door), unpacking and repacking the diaper bag because we have to leave in 45 mins to go back into town to pick up the other kids, attempting to make the baby some sort of a healthy resemblance of lunch all while thinking “man I sure did fail today”!
But you know what friend, we ALL have days like today! We have all been right in the middle of our worst days and beat ourselves up the very most during those moments! I could of planned better, I could of been a better mom and MOPS leader and wife today but you know what???? I don’t have to be perfect!!!!! My kids think I’m the coolest mom ever because I let them eat cheese crackers and chocolate milk this morning, I stopped and had a genuine conversation with a friend who needed some encouragement, and my “diet” will be there for me tomorrow.
My children don’t need a perfect mother with a spotless house, my husband doesn’t need a perfect wife who has all the laundry done and who is feeding everyone healthy organic this every second of the day. As the wonderful Mo Mydlo puts it, all my husband needs is macaroni and cheese and sex and I’m the best wife in the world! But more importantly than all of this friend…… My God does not need or want or require me to be perfect! He is my grace, He is my backbone, He is my savior and He loves me no matter how much I may have “failed” today!

So today in the midst of all the failures I stopped, I prayed and I reconnected with God because that is all He requires or desires from me! I’m here to tell you momma that IT IS OKAY! Tomorrow is a completely new day and if you wake up and fail tomorrow that’s okay too because you have a husband, kids, friends and most importantly a God that loves you and never thinks you are a failure! Rejoice in that today friend and then we can all try again tomorrow!


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