I Can’t Be Normal

So here’s the thing, I love my tiny little humans! Like something fierce I love those little people. They are adorable and loving and learning and growing each and every day and I have a front row seat to it all. But there are days. You know the days I’m talking about. Those days where I feel like a horrible horrible mom, person even. I’m talking about those days where EVERY.LITTLE.THING puts me on the verge of an explosion. The days where all the noise, even the happy noises, start to drown out my own thoughts and I feel like the walls are closing in on me and if one more person says mom or needs my attention for something I’m just going to lose it!

You know the days where your husband gets home after a long day and catches you at your worst where you finally snap and yell at everyone and then he calmly looks at you and says “that was a little excessive”. (I can show you excessive mister, it has been like this ALLLL day and you’ve only dealt with it for what 5 seconds!) The days where the thought of being touched even just one more time is enough to make my skin crawl. And they are loving touches for the most part (my 3 year old is a lover), but seriously a human-being can only take so much physical contact in one day before they want to scream! I mean does anyone else have these days? Is there something wrong with me? Surely I can’t be normal for feeling this way! I feel so guilty on these days! The days where I just need 5 seconds to myself to breathe! The days where the day has been so exhaustingly long and all I want to do is crawl into my bed when the kids are all finally asleep and of course THOSE are the days the baby decides he’s going to wake up all night. And it’s not his fault, the poor thing has like a million teeth coming in and man that hurts but dangggggg mommy just needs some sleep and to not be touched!
Momma I am right there with you! These days are real and hard and tiring and make you feel so so guilty for even being annoyed, but these days are normal! You are normal! And it is okay to have a few bad days where you just need, you demand even, just a little quiet, or maybe just one less “mom, mom, mommy, mama, mooooommmmmmm” because seriously that would make any normal person SNAP after just a few minutes let alone an ENTIRE day! I see you momma, I understand you and I am right in the middle of it with you! Knee deep in days where I want to go hide in the closet and that is OKAY!!! We are normal! I promise!
So even though you are exhausted! Even though you may have yelled a time or two today or had a full on ugly cry explosion (I’ve been there and done that and it’s not pretty), it’s okay! And tomorrow is an entirely new day! You are strong! You are doing an amazing job raising these tiny little humans! And most importantly you are not alone! Oh and one day those tiny little humans will be grown and gone and you will miss this and be sad and yada yada yada (you can read all about those encouraging words in my other post, but not here 😉), that still doesn’t make today any easier or make you magically appreciate every single “mom” and that is completely okay momma! We don’t have to love every single minute of this mom thing, for real this stuff is like so hard! We just have to love those tiny little humans unconditionally each day, try our best and realize that we are not alone!