There is Always Something to be Thankful for.

Today has sucked, well really the past two days have sucked. The first day was my birthday and it was spent taking 4 sick kids to the doctors by myself, grocery shopping, a fever induced vomit from the baby in the paper goods isle in Publix, $100 worth of medications, having to pay to renew my tag and license (I mean who came up with the idea to do that on your birthday???), pay a red light ticket (gasp, I know I’m human and make mistakes), find out our car is on its last leg (like engine blowing up, no fixing it, gotta buy a new car last leg). Today followed that fantastic day up with cranky kids because they are sick, my 3 yo breaking out in a rash everywhere, school work not going as planned at all (we homeschool), the husband having to go out of town, out of state unexpectedly and leave me here with all FOUR sick kids, me starting to come down with the sickness (thanks kids) and being up with the baby all night!

Like I said these past two days have just plain out sucked! But as I sit here rocking my baby who has a 104 fever at 5am, feeling sorry for myself, I realize something…….. I am so blessed! Why do we all get caught up in the negativity of life sometimes? Why do we let Satan steal our joy so quickly when things get rough? I realized how much I have to be thankful for!

I am so thankful that we had the money to pay for the kids doctors appointments and medicine, I am thankful that the baby didn’t vomit ON me in the paper goods isle, I am thankful that my husband brought home pizza for dinner so I didn’t have to cook on my birthday and that my in laws brought me a cake to celebrate. I am thankful that we have such an amazing doctor to get us through the scary 104 fevers, I am thankful that besides these current infections my babies are happy and healthy because believe me if anything our time in and out of the hospital taught us was just how truly sick some kids are. I am thankful that even though my husband leaving me at this very moment was the worst possible time that I am married to such a Godly and caring man!

You see it is so easy to get caught up in how hard or unfair life is currently being to us, but sometimes we just need to take a step back and show our gratitude because there is always always always something to be thankful for! I’m not saying it will make the bad days suck any less, but it will help you to pull out of that pity party and accept what life has thrown at you right now and realize just how strong and an amazing mother you are. Also to remember that God is good and loves you even on the really sucky days. We have two choices we can make, to sit here in self pity and feel sorry for ourselves or we can chose joy and thankfulness and rejoice in all that we are and have. Which will you chose today?



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