To the lonely mama

To that mom putting her life on hold for the better of others. For the mom who is always home with her kids and is lonely more than she cares to admit. For the mom not pursuing her career or her dreams right now because there just isn’t the time or the money. For the mom who feels like she is the only one that feels this way, who feels so completely invisible to the entire world, I see you! God sees you! And you are doing an amazing job mama. You are the definition of a selfless woman. Putting yourself on the back burner and your life on hold for your precious little ones who some days make you want to hide in that darn closet and eat all the chocolate.

I know it’s lonely mama. I know how easy it is to resent all those things. I know how slippery of a slope that depression can be; staring you in the face with all YOU can’t/aren’t allowed to do right now. I know you literally lose your identity when you become a mom. I know all this because I’ve been there, because truth be told I AM there more days than I’d like.

I know some days, some feelings are so irrational you don’t even know what you NEED or what you WANT or even WHY you are feeling this way, let alone explain it to your husband or friend or mother. I also know just how truly, completely, whole heartily grateful you are for what you get to do! For being able to raise your tiny little humans. For being alive and well and having all that you and your family truly need for survival. I know how guilty you feel for feeling so overwhelmed, so tired, so worn out, so sad sometimes, because you know most people are aching to be in your shoes! How dare you feel bad when you have so many blessings right in front of you! I know mama because I’ve told myself those same things plenty of times. And you know what? You are ALLOWED to have those days! It doesn’t make you a bad mom or wife! It makes you, me, HUMAN!!!

We want to succeed and make a difference in life and have purpose and sometimes in between cleaning up the Cheerios and making another grilled cheese sandwich for the millionth time we forget just how important and special our job is! We are raising tiny little humans! And no, no one will give us a medal or a raise for doing a great jobs work (which stinks sometimes! I like medals!) But no one can do this job like you do. You are the heart and soul of your entire family. You are the reason it all moves and functions and God hand picked you for this task for a very specific reason. Think about that for a second, GOD chose YOU for this JOB! To raise these tiny little humans, to teach them right from wrong, to teach them all about Him and to grow up to be good people! And I know we don’t always get to see the fruits of our labor right away, if ever at all, but know that God sees it and remind yourself every day that YOU are the only one able to do this job! And what an important job that is mama! And YOU are not alone in this sometimes lonely journey!