To the Mom Missing Her Friends

To the mom who feels all alone, I see you! To the mom who’s friends have seemed to disappear, I see you. I see you sitting there alone with your kids questioning what you’ve done wrong. Questioning if you are a good friend, a good person. Maybe it’s your kids, maybe they are too crazy for people and that’s why they don’t ask you to hang out. I see you sitting there feeling sad and pretty crummy about yourself as you see your friends or family inviting others to do stuff with them but never you. I hear your silent prayers asking God what you’ve done wrong or to please just send you one person who gets you and wants to be as good of a friend to you as you are to them.

This is a rough season mama. This season of life we are in is lonely and makes you question yourself as a person often. You question yourself as a friend “maybe it’s my fault because I’m so busy??” Mama we are all busy! We are all fighting to keep our head above the water and to prioritize things in our life and even though it may leave us lonely sometimes those biggest priorities are God, our kids and our husbands and your true friends will totally get that. We aren’t in high school anymore, things don’t work the same way now as they used to but that doesn’t mean the rejection doesn’t hurt just as much.

Mama I see you and your hurt. But I promise if you take a second to really look at your friendships you will find that there is at least one friend or family member who IS there for you just as much as you are for them. I understand one is still a pretty lonely number but one is all that really matters. We were created as social creatures so we long for belonging and friendships but sometimes one quarter is better than 25 pennies.

I know it’s sometimes lonely always being just you and the kids, but this season won’t last long. They will be grown and gone before you know it and you will wish for just one more day of just you and the kids. That doesn’t mean you’re any less lonely right now mama but know your priorities are in order and you are there for the little people who love and adore you the most. There will be time for all sorts of friends when they are grown and gone, but for right now enjoy these moments and your quarter, after all who needs all those pennies anyways?