Mondays, May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.


What is up with Monday’s???? Like seriously, they ALWAYS seem to go wrong! Today was one of those days…… those dreaded Monday’s. We had fun plans for today! Great plans in fact with some pretty great people. Everything was going as planned, dropped the 3 yr old off at pre school where they were having WATER DAY (how fun!!), went grocery shopping, unloaded groceries at the house and went to church for our homeschool group/play date time with some pretty awesome ladies.

And then it happened, the phone rang and it was Caleb’s preschool calling. He was coughing a ton, basically having his asthma attack, sooooo we had to leave the homeschool group early and my poor kids were so upset. They were doing crafts and going to make bird houses and it was going to be so much fun, but we had to go get their brother. Then we had to take brother to the doctor’s office with all four kids in tow. The baby of course was being super cranky the entire day, so the whole time at the doctor’s office was him screaming because who knows why, he’s a baby, they just seem to always do that at the worst times possible.

Anyways, asthma attack it was so steroids and round the clock inhaler for the next few days. Load everyone up in the car (all four of them) go to Chick Fil A because it’s lunch time now and well…… it’s Chick Fil A. Β And of corse because it’s Chick Fil A the parking lot and drive thru line is a mad house! Sit there for 20 mins, get food, food is wrong, wait for new food and finally leave. Everyone is cranky and hungry……. hangry if you will, so I’m trying to drive and pass out food all at the same time. Finally, food, everyone is happy and silent for about 5 mins until the baby starts kicking the 3 yr old…… OH EMM GEEEEE!

Okay head to the pharmacy to pick up Caleb’s medicine, oh wait I can’t hear a word this poor lady is saying because….. baby. He’s screaming again! Why???? No one knows! Get medicine, head home, πŸ™πŸ». Get home, unload everything, put the baby down for one minute…… yep you guessed it, screaming again. Get baby ready, get baby’s crib ready, baby down for bed πŸ™πŸ». Now the 3 yr old is arguing with me that he doesn’t want to take a nap. “Too bad kid, mama needs this”. Everyone to bed, wooo πŸ™πŸ». Oh did I mention dad is working out of town tonight???? No break in sight. I normally have some uplifting, encouraging words for you all at this point………. today I have nothing for you except this is my life, my normal. My days are a hot mess just like yours, heck some days I may have you beat 😜 but this is the crazy God chose me for. So now I’m going to go hide in the silent closet and eat some chocolate and pray everyone takes longer than a 30 min nap. Wish me luck friends.