No Preparing for Being a Special Needs Parent.

There isn’t really any preparing for being a parent of a special needs child. It’s not like people advise you to read up on special needs, or prepare your hearts for it like they do for nearly everything else about being a parent. Nor does anyone grow up hoping they have a special needs child. However, it happens. Whether there is a cause for it or it is just the way your child was born, there is no changing it, for you or the child. There isn’t a user guide to raising a special needs child. But one thing I can tell you, as a mom of a special needs child, you will have to make decisions. Hard decisions where there is no clear right or wrong answer. Parenting a special needs child is hard, emotionally draining, amazing at times and you will ALWAYS question the decisions you make. Parenting special needs is mostly trial and error and investigating, guessing, researching and praying you are doing what’s best for your child. It’s emotionally draining and rarely rewarding, but YOU are the voice for your child. As a friend once told me in the middle of my own emotional break down “YOU are the only one who can speak for your child. YOU are the only person your child can always count on. And no matter what ANYONE thinks about your child throwing that fit in the grocery store, YOU know the cause of it. YOU know your child isn’t just a bad kid.”

You see for awhile I was so caught up in all the stares I would get. You know what I’m talking about. The side eyes or not so subtle head shakes and eye rolls. Those looks use to break me to my core. I KNEW my child was just in a sensory overload, but I also knew that to a stranger it looked like I couldn’t control my kid’s behavior. And you know what; to an extent they are right. Because when my child is in the middle of a sensory melt down he doesn’t hear me. He doesn’t have reason or understanding because he can’t PROCESS what is happening in his little body. That friend helped me to cope with that fact and helped me to learn to just take a deep breath and remember that I am the only one who will fight for him!

Now understanding that doesn’t make it any easier when you have to make choices for your special needs child. Today I had to do an IEP evaluation for Micah. For those not familiar it’s an individualized education plan. It gives us a plan to give to his ESE teacher(s) so they know the best ways to help him develop. I’ve known my child is different, for some time. I’ve processed and accepted that, but for some reason having it solidified through this evaluation for his education struck me deep in my heart. I left in tears. Scared, mad that we are even here, unsure of how to help him best and not knowing the best decision for him. We home school but now I’m faced with the decision if putting him in a public ESE preschool is what’s best for him. I have to face the fact that he may need more than I am capable of providing for him and his education. I am his safe place. I am the one who calms him down out of a sensory fit. I know the things that bring him back down. Now I have to decide if that’s what’s best for him, or if sending him to public school, with other children that are like him is what’s best for him. I know he won’t understand, he will be scared and frustrated and will feel lost, but is that the thing he needs to grow, or learn or develop??? I don’t have that answer. My mom gut is totally torn in two at the moment. I understand the benefits of both scenarios, but that doesn’t make the decision any easier. Because no one prepares you for having a special needs child and all the hard decisions that come with it. Every day is a new adventure or struggle. Every day is either a step in the right direction or 3 steps backwards. Some days feel like huge victories and other days I just cry. At the end of the day I am the only one who will fight for him. I am the one place he will always feel safe enough to be himself and I will always be the one having to make decisions for him and his education. I just wish there was a clear, distinct path laid out saying “GO THIS WAY!” Since that’s not the case I will try to make the best decision with the information I have and remember that most of this life is trial and error until you find what works best.




Tonight I Write

There are things in this world a mother should never have to do. Writing journals to her kids so they know their stories and their mother’s love just in case she isn’t around to tell them are one of those things. Here I am for the second time facing this struggle. The first time was when I was pregnant with our 4th child. I had a condition that the doctors told me made it very likely for me to hemorrhage and possibly bleed out during delivery. As soon as I found out I wanted to write letters to all my kids in case that happened. David of course was not having that sort of talk and told me it would be fine and to trust in God. So I didn’t write the letters. The day of delivery, I hemorrhaged and almost didn’t make it. As they were wheeling me off to surgery to stop the bleeding I remember telling David “I told you I should have written those letters”. But David was right, God had me and I pulled through.

About a year and a half later I was having some health issues. I went to the doctor who ran tests and told me I was fine. I thought I was going crazy! There was no way all the things I was feeling were fine. So I went to another doctor who discovered a pituitary tumor in my brain. Talk about heart stopping. We didn’t know exactly what all of this meant but I went home and I wrote those letters to my babies. I was terrified. All of the what if’s ran through my head and I couldn’t imagine a world were I left my babies so soon. We did specialist appointments and tests and determined the tumor wasn’t growing or causing problems so we would monitor it. I did another scan 6 months later that showed no growth, GREAT news. We also did blood work, that news wasn’t so great. It seemed my tumor was causing some hormonal issues. So we decided to check again to make sure the numbers were correct. The specialist was very blunt with me (in a good way) and told me if these numbers came back the same then we would have to remove my tumor. Which would be brain surgery. Yep, brain surgery, like those words sound so strange and heart stopping coming out of my mouth. Well, blood tests are in. And they are not good. Numbers are still showing some hormonal issues which means brain surgery. I’m sorry, BRAIN SURGERY! Now don’t get me wrong, if you were going to have brain surgery, THIS is the one you want to have, but it is still brain surgery with all the wonderful risks you would expect. I still have to sit down with the specialist and go over all the details, but tonight, tonight I find myself scared, sad and writing in each of my babies journals not just telling them how much I love them but telling them all about their lives and stories with me thus far. This may be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. The thought of my babies having to read my words instead of hear them breaks my heart in a million pieces but not nearly as much as the thought of them NOT having these journals do. So tonight, tonight I sit here and I write. I try to recall all the little details of each of their amazing lives and put pen to paper so they know just how much I love them and they have something to remember me by. Am I dying? No. Is this totally treatable? Yes. Am I likely to be tumor free with no issues after all of this? Absolutely. But is there a possibility of complications from this surgery? Yes, and for me that’s enough for me to make sure my babies know they are loved! This is one of those things a mother should never have to do. But I am trusting in God to pull me through just as he did last time. I am trusting that God’s plan is a good one and I am just praying that I do not end up being any of their tragedies or defining moments. I just want to be their mom, and love them and watch them grow and be whatever God has called them to be. But just in case, tonight, I write.



King of the World

I haven’t written in quite some time. Truth be told the last 2 years have been such an uphill battle for me and my family. From Micah’s birth where he needed to be revived and in the nicu, to me hemorrhaging and needing surgery and coming closer to death than I ever care to truly admit. To the months of being in and out of the hospital with Micah and his feeding tubes and oxygen and surgery where he had to be revived again for the second time in his short little 3 months on this earth. To overcoming that only to discover a pituitary tumor in my head. Battling all those emotions all while discovering Micah was different than most kids his age. Then there was the scare of possible cancer on Caleb’s spine that ended up not being cancer but scoliosis, to the newest adventure of Micah being diagnosed with SPD. Oh and I decided to follow God’s calling and start a co op this past year. While David and I run the youth group at our church. To say I am tired, drained, emotionally spent is the understatement of the century.

This was proven true today as I had a complete breakdown, ugly crying and all, in the middle of Crayola World. Thankfully I was with an amazing friend whom never judged me one single time and in fact could relate with me on the struggle of Micah’s diagnosis. I know this isn’t the worse thing. I KNOW God has Micah in His arms because I’ve witnessed God pull myself and Micah from the trenches since his birth. But somewhere in the midst of all the chaos I lost sight of that! I lost sight of who my God is!

Natalie Grant’s “King of the World” was a song that touched me to my core after my near death experience. Tonight I found that song again and I am recentered and ready to tackle our next set of obstacles. Am I tired? Do I feel like giving up? Absolutely!!! Most days I feel broken and defeated and like I am not the person, wife or mother cut out for this. But that’s because I lost sight that God is the King of the world. I forgot that I am not capable of concurring any of this without Him.

So tonight, after a day that was so mentally and emotionally and physically exhausting, I’m remembering to lay it all at God’s feet. He doesn’t call us to climb the mountains on our own, because we are not capable to do such a task on our own. I have a ton to learn, I have to relearn how to parent, how to help Micah cope with things, how to help Micah with still not being verbal and every bit of that scares me to death, but my God will never forsake me and will push me up this mountain even when I feel like my legs are giving out under me because He is a good good father and I am weak on my own but with Him I can do anything!





Mondays, May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.


What is up with Monday’s???? Like seriously, they ALWAYS seem to go wrong! Today was one of those days…… those dreaded Monday’s. We had fun plans for today! Great plans in fact with some pretty great people. Everything was going as planned, dropped the 3 yr old off at pre school where they were having WATER DAY (how fun!!), went grocery shopping, unloaded groceries at the house and went to church for our homeschool group/play date time with some pretty awesome ladies.

And then it happened, the phone rang and it was Caleb’s preschool calling. He was coughing a ton, basically having his asthma attack, sooooo we had to leave the homeschool group early and my poor kids were so upset. They were doing crafts and going to make bird houses and it was going to be so much fun, but we had to go get their brother. Then we had to take brother to the doctor’s office with all four kids in tow. The baby of course was being super cranky the entire day, so the whole time at the doctor’s office was him screaming because who knows why, he’s a baby, they just seem to always do that at the worst times possible.

Anyways, asthma attack it was so steroids and round the clock inhaler for the next few days. Load everyone up in the car (all four of them) go to Chick Fil A because it’s lunch time now and well…… it’s Chick Fil A.  And of corse because it’s Chick Fil A the parking lot and drive thru line is a mad house! Sit there for 20 mins, get food, food is wrong, wait for new food and finally leave. Everyone is cranky and hungry……. hangry if you will, so I’m trying to drive and pass out food all at the same time. Finally, food, everyone is happy and silent for about 5 mins until the baby starts kicking the 3 yr old…… OH EMM GEEEEE!

Okay head to the pharmacy to pick up Caleb’s medicine, oh wait I can’t hear a word this poor lady is saying because….. baby. He’s screaming again! Why???? No one knows! Get medicine, head home, 🙏🏻. Get home, unload everything, put the baby down for one minute…… yep you guessed it, screaming again. Get baby ready, get baby’s crib ready, baby down for bed 🙏🏻. Now the 3 yr old is arguing with me that he doesn’t want to take a nap. “Too bad kid, mama needs this”. Everyone to bed, wooo 🙏🏻. Oh did I mention dad is working out of town tonight???? No break in sight. I normally have some uplifting, encouraging words for you all at this point………. today I have nothing for you except this is my life, my normal. My days are a hot mess just like yours, heck some days I may have you beat 😜 but this is the crazy God chose me for. So now I’m going to go hide in the silent closet and eat some chocolate and pray everyone takes longer than a 30 min nap. Wish me luck friends.


To the Mom Missing Her Friends

To the mom who feels all alone, I see you! To the mom who’s friends have seemed to disappear, I see you. I see you sitting there alone with your kids questioning what you’ve done wrong. Questioning if you are a good friend, a good person. Maybe it’s your kids, maybe they are too crazy for people and that’s why they don’t ask you to hang out. I see you sitting there feeling sad and pretty crummy about yourself as you see your friends or family inviting others to do stuff with them but never you. I hear your silent prayers asking God what you’ve done wrong or to please just send you one person who gets you and wants to be as good of a friend to you as you are to them.

This is a rough season mama. This season of life we are in is lonely and makes you question yourself as a person often. You question yourself as a friend “maybe it’s my fault because I’m so busy??” Mama we are all busy! We are all fighting to keep our head above the water and to prioritize things in our life and even though it may leave us lonely sometimes those biggest priorities are God, our kids and our husbands and your true friends will totally get that. We aren’t in high school anymore, things don’t work the same way now as they used to but that doesn’t mean the rejection doesn’t hurt just as much.

Mama I see you and your hurt. But I promise if you take a second to really look at your friendships you will find that there is at least one friend or family member who IS there for you just as much as you are for them. I understand one is still a pretty lonely number but one is all that really matters. We were created as social creatures so we long for belonging and friendships but sometimes one quarter is better than 25 pennies.

I know it’s sometimes lonely always being just you and the kids, but this season won’t last long. They will be grown and gone before you know it and you will wish for just one more day of just you and the kids. That doesn’t mean you’re any less lonely right now mama but know your priorities are in order and you are there for the little people who love and adore you the most. There will be time for all sorts of friends when they are grown and gone, but for right now enjoy these moments and your quarter, after all who needs all those pennies anyways?



To the lonely mama

To that mom putting her life on hold for the better of others. For the mom who is always home with her kids and is lonely more than she cares to admit. For the mom not pursuing her career or her dreams right now because there just isn’t the time or the money. For the mom who feels like she is the only one that feels this way, who feels so completely invisible to the entire world, I see you! God sees you! And you are doing an amazing job mama. You are the definition of a selfless woman. Putting yourself on the back burner and your life on hold for your precious little ones who some days make you want to hide in that darn closet and eat all the chocolate.

I know it’s lonely mama. I know how easy it is to resent all those things. I know how slippery of a slope that depression can be; staring you in the face with all YOU can’t/aren’t allowed to do right now. I know you literally lose your identity when you become a mom. I know all this because I’ve been there, because truth be told I AM there more days than I’d like.

I know some days, some feelings are so irrational you don’t even know what you NEED or what you WANT or even WHY you are feeling this way, let alone explain it to your husband or friend or mother. I also know just how truly, completely, whole heartily grateful you are for what you get to do! For being able to raise your tiny little humans. For being alive and well and having all that you and your family truly need for survival. I know how guilty you feel for feeling so overwhelmed, so tired, so worn out, so sad sometimes, because you know most people are aching to be in your shoes! How dare you feel bad when you have so many blessings right in front of you! I know mama because I’ve told myself those same things plenty of times. And you know what? You are ALLOWED to have those days! It doesn’t make you a bad mom or wife! It makes you, me, HUMAN!!!

We want to succeed and make a difference in life and have purpose and sometimes in between cleaning up the Cheerios and making another grilled cheese sandwich for the millionth time we forget just how important and special our job is! We are raising tiny little humans! And no, no one will give us a medal or a raise for doing a great jobs work (which stinks sometimes! I like medals!) But no one can do this job like you do. You are the heart and soul of your entire family. You are the reason it all moves and functions and God hand picked you for this task for a very specific reason. Think about that for a second, GOD chose YOU for this JOB! To raise these tiny little humans, to teach them right from wrong, to teach them all about Him and to grow up to be good people! And I know we don’t always get to see the fruits of our labor right away, if ever at all, but know that God sees it and remind yourself every day that YOU are the only one able to do this job! And what an important job that is mama! And YOU are not alone in this sometimes lonely journey!


There is Always Something to be Thankful for.

Today has sucked, well really the past two days have sucked. The first day was my birthday and it was spent taking 4 sick kids to the doctors by myself, grocery shopping, a fever induced vomit from the baby in the paper goods isle in Publix, $100 worth of medications, having to pay to renew my tag and license (I mean who came up with the idea to do that on your birthday???), pay a red light ticket (gasp, I know I’m human and make mistakes), find out our car is on its last leg (like engine blowing up, no fixing it, gotta buy a new car last leg). Today followed that fantastic day up with cranky kids because they are sick, my 3 yo breaking out in a rash everywhere, school work not going as planned at all (we homeschool), the husband having to go out of town, out of state unexpectedly and leave me here with all FOUR sick kids, me starting to come down with the sickness (thanks kids) and being up with the baby all night!

Like I said these past two days have just plain out sucked! But as I sit here rocking my baby who has a 104 fever at 5am, feeling sorry for myself, I realize something…….. I am so blessed! Why do we all get caught up in the negativity of life sometimes? Why do we let Satan steal our joy so quickly when things get rough? I realized how much I have to be thankful for!

I am so thankful that we had the money to pay for the kids doctors appointments and medicine, I am thankful that the baby didn’t vomit ON me in the paper goods isle, I am thankful that my husband brought home pizza for dinner so I didn’t have to cook on my birthday and that my in laws brought me a cake to celebrate. I am thankful that we have such an amazing doctor to get us through the scary 104 fevers, I am thankful that besides these current infections my babies are happy and healthy because believe me if anything our time in and out of the hospital taught us was just how truly sick some kids are. I am thankful that even though my husband leaving me at this very moment was the worst possible time that I am married to such a Godly and caring man!

You see it is so easy to get caught up in how hard or unfair life is currently being to us, but sometimes we just need to take a step back and show our gratitude because there is always always always something to be thankful for! I’m not saying it will make the bad days suck any less, but it will help you to pull out of that pity party and accept what life has thrown at you right now and realize just how strong and an amazing mother you are. Also to remember that God is good and loves you even on the really sucky days. We have two choices we can make, to sit here in self pity and feel sorry for ourselves or we can chose joy and thankfulness and rejoice in all that we are and have. Which will you chose today?


A Letter to the Husbands

Husbands, do you remember the way your wife use to make you feel in the beginning? You know what I’m talking about, that beginning love when you didn’t care who knew how head over heels you were for that girl. You didn’t care how unmanly or how “soft” you looked. ALL you cared about was that girl who made your heart skip a beat every time you saw her. The same girl who could make your entire face light up with just the sound of a text coming in with the hopes that it was her! You remember, that girl that no matter how exhausted you were you would stay up until the early hours of the morning just talking to her. Do you remember the way she use to look at you??? Like you were the only man she had ever laid eyes upon! You could feel in the pit of your stomach just how deeply that girl loved you with just one glance from her.

Now fast forward, to the present days. The ones filled with jobs, responsibilities, kids, hurt, harsh words that can’t be unspoken. Do you ever find yourself wondering “where did that girl I fell so madly in love with go?” How did we get here? She has changed, you have changed and there are some days you both just feel so completely far apart and disconnected from one another you can’t even fathom the love you once shared. You both have made mistakes in your marriage. You both have said things you can’t take back. You both have snapped at your worst moments and attacked each other and you both just know without a shadow of a doubt the other one is wrong! It is their fault not yours!

But husbands ask yourself this. When is the last time you saw your wife. I mean truly saw her! Looked at her with that passion and love in your eyes you once had. Saw and appreciated who she has become now as a mother to your children? This is not a bash on you husbands I promise, but what if you tried something different? What if you chose to see the good in your wife every day even on the bad days? What if you were proud of your wife again? What if you made her KNOW and the world know that she IS the most important part of your day? Do you think her reactions towards you would change?

You see as moms, and women, we desire to do this whole mom and wife thing to the very best of our abilities. But most days we are our biggest critics and beat ourselves up all day long over all the things we did wrong that day. And you know what one of the worst things is??? Seeing frustration or disappointment in our husbands eyes. And husbands I know you don’t mean to look at your wives that way! I know you are just as exhausted and tired and over worked and under loved as she is. I know when you touch her and she seems to cringe at that touch that you begin to feel unwanted and unloved but please remember she has been touched ALL.DAY.LONG so by the time you get to her the last thing she wants is to be touched more. Believe me when I tell you it IS NOT your touch that makes her skin crawl, at this point of the day it is even just the thought of ANYONE or ANYTHING touching her that makes her want to come out of her skin.

So what if you went back to making her know she is number one! What if your wife knew everyday how proud you were to call her your wife? When is the last time you built her up in love? Does your wife know she is your everything? Does she know she is number one above all else? If not I urge you to try it. Make her number one. Make her realize that everything and every one fails in comparison to her and watch what happens! You will see a change take place in her. She will begin to know you are proud of her, that you see her as nothing short of amazing and the simple act of you doing that will allow her to see herself that way as well! Remind her that you are her safe place, her protector. Show her that she never has to be worried that maybe you are agreeing with friends or people who may talk poorly about her but that you are and will every single time stand up for HER!

I know she isn’t the woman she use to be. And I know it may even be hard to like her some days but this mom and wife thing is tough and there isn’t a manual on how to be a good wife AND a good mother and believe me when I tell you she hates herself for failing (or at least feeling like she’s failing) at both tasks every single day. She begins to feel unworthy of you! Unworthy of your love, acceptance and proudness of her. So husbands, show your wives just how special they are to you! You married them for a reason and on her absolute worst days I promise no one else can lift her up quite like you and your love can. You just have to remind her how much it is there from time to time and make sure you aren’t falling into the rut of forgetting to show her every single day!



I Can’t Be Normal

So here’s the thing, I love my tiny little humans! Like something fierce I love those little people. They are adorable and loving and learning and growing each and every day and I have a front row seat to it all. But there are days. You know the days I’m talking about. Those days where I feel like a horrible horrible mom, person even. I’m talking about those days where EVERY.LITTLE.THING puts me on the verge of an explosion. The days where all the noise, even the happy noises, start to drown out my own thoughts and I feel like the walls are closing in on me and if one more person says mom or needs my attention for something I’m just going to lose it!

You know the days where your husband gets home after a long day and catches you at your worst where you finally snap and yell at everyone and then he calmly looks at you and says “that was a little excessive”. (I can show you excessive mister, it has been like this ALLLL day and you’ve only dealt with it for what 5 seconds!) The days where the thought of being touched even just one more time is enough to make my skin crawl. And they are loving touches for the most part (my 3 year old is a lover), but seriously a human-being can only take so much physical contact in one day before they want to scream! I mean does anyone else have these days? Is there something wrong with me? Surely I can’t be normal for feeling this way! I feel so guilty on these days! The days where I just need 5 seconds to myself to breathe! The days where the day has been so exhaustingly long and all I want to do is crawl into my bed when the kids are all finally asleep and of course THOSE are the days the baby decides he’s going to wake up all night. And it’s not his fault, the poor thing has like a million teeth coming in and man that hurts but dangggggg mommy just needs some sleep and to not be touched!
Momma I am right there with you! These days are real and hard and tiring and make you feel so so guilty for even being annoyed, but these days are normal! You are normal! And it is okay to have a few bad days where you just need, you demand even, just a little quiet, or maybe just one less “mom, mom, mommy, mama, mooooommmmmmm” because seriously that would make any normal person SNAP after just a few minutes let alone an ENTIRE day! I see you momma, I understand you and I am right in the middle of it with you! Knee deep in days where I want to go hide in the closet and that is OKAY!!! We are normal! I promise!
So even though you are exhausted! Even though you may have yelled a time or two today or had a full on ugly cry explosion (I’ve been there and done that and it’s not pretty), it’s okay! And tomorrow is an entirely new day! You are strong! You are doing an amazing job raising these tiny little humans! And most importantly you are not alone! Oh and one day those tiny little humans will be grown and gone and you will miss this and be sad and yada yada yada (you can read all about those encouraging words in my other post, but not here 😉), that still doesn’t make today any easier or make you magically appreciate every single “mom” and that is completely okay momma! We don’t have to love every single minute of this mom thing, for real this stuff is like so hard! We just have to love those tiny little humans unconditionally each day, try our best and realize that we are not alone!


I failed yesterday, today and probably tomorrow too!

So I’m apart of the group MOPS! If you are not apart of your local MOPS or have never even heard of it FIND ONE! Or message me and I’ll give you details! MOPS is amazing and is where I started to find my tribe! You know those people who are crazy and a mess and loving and kind hearted just like me! (Well I strive to be anyways).

So this morning was our MOPS meeting and of course wouldn’t you know it the morning started out so bad! Like bad bad. I woke up late, I woke up to having started my lovely period, the kids didn’t want to wake up, one of the kids was sick, I forgot about our crafting project for MOPS so I was running around trying to get that ready, we were so late my kids had to eat cheese filled chez it crackers and chocolate milk for breakfast in the car on the way to school! (I know, worst mom ever right here) and to make it even worse I left my house looking like this………


To which I completely forgot all about until I walked in the door after MOPS was over, with a very tired, teething and cranky little boy, who thank the good Lord, fell asleep in the car on the way home. I’m trying to eat healthier and get in shape these days so I hadn’t indulged in the meal at MOPS and I was starving because I forgot to grab me a pack of cheese filled crackers on the way out the door.
So again my day falls apart…… I quickly scarf down a piece of cold PIZZA (I know so healthy) while frantically running around this mess of a house picking up and putting things away all while running outside every few mins to check on the sleeping baby (don’t worry we live in the country with no neighbors anywhere around and I parked right outside the back door), unpacking and repacking the diaper bag because we have to leave in 45 mins to go back into town to pick up the other kids, attempting to make the baby some sort of a healthy resemblance of lunch all while thinking “man I sure did fail today”!
But you know what friend, we ALL have days like today! We have all been right in the middle of our worst days and beat ourselves up the very most during those moments! I could of planned better, I could of been a better mom and MOPS leader and wife today but you know what???? I don’t have to be perfect!!!!! My kids think I’m the coolest mom ever because I let them eat cheese crackers and chocolate milk this morning, I stopped and had a genuine conversation with a friend who needed some encouragement, and my “diet” will be there for me tomorrow.
My children don’t need a perfect mother with a spotless house, my husband doesn’t need a perfect wife who has all the laundry done and who is feeding everyone healthy organic this every second of the day. As the wonderful Mo Mydlo puts it, all my husband needs is macaroni and cheese and sex and I’m the best wife in the world! But more importantly than all of this friend…… My God does not need or want or require me to be perfect! He is my grace, He is my backbone, He is my savior and He loves me no matter how much I may have “failed” today!

So today in the midst of all the failures I stopped, I prayed and I reconnected with God because that is all He requires or desires from me! I’m here to tell you momma that IT IS OKAY! Tomorrow is a completely new day and if you wake up and fail tomorrow that’s okay too because you have a husband, kids, friends and most importantly a God that loves you and never thinks you are a failure! Rejoice in that today friend and then we can all try again tomorrow!